Miwex Flodis the Hippo Character Costume


About Miwex Flodis the Hippo

Flodis theĀ Hippo was produced for Miwex in Sweden, a company that provides accessories and entertainment feature for swimming pools across Sweden. Flodis has several outfits to choose from when he ventures out to his local swimming pool, there is a blue tutu, pirates outfit and Victorian style bathing suit.

He is currently wearing a jersey red and white striped bathing suit, which is worn on top of his full plush orange fur body. Flodis has a large head with black eyes, two white front teeth, purple fleece in his inner ear and nostrils, and a grey stitch line going up his snout.

Please Note: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


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