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Silentnight Hippo Character Costume


About Silentnight Hippo

The Silent Night Hippo was created for Silent Night beds for their Hippo and Duck campaign. (Around 30 of the suits are currently working hard promoting the Silentnight brand and entertaining their customers). This large pale cuddly hippo wearing blue and white striped pyjamas is a world famous icon for the Silentnight bed company. The hippo suit has been designed to be as lightweight and cool as possible to wear, easy to wash and maintain, adjustable, comfortable and cool with great vision, ventilation and easy to animate. The head is made from a lightweight vacuum formed material, which is non-absorbent, and is strong enough to rivet in an adjustable helmet and easy to ventilate with multiple drilled holes in the structure.

The body of the suit is made from well shaped structured cotton pyjamas over a washable under body shape. The fur for the paws and feet is kept to a minimum to keep the wearer cool. Although it looks like full furry hippo suit wearing pyjamas, it has been thoroughly constructed to keep the wearer cool. It is very easy to wash and maintain being made in several parts.

Please Note: This specific costume is not for sale or hire. It is subject to copyright and is here for your inspiration only.


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