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Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Costume

Step One

If you have a design and simply want a quick quote, use this form to send us your design.

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Free Professional Advice

If you are new to the wonderful world of character costumes and want more information call us on 0161 442 8740 and talk through your ideas and requirements with us.

There are also some very helpful Information Guides on selecting a costume supplier and information on character design on the Information Guides page.

Step Two

initial sketch

colour design If you know what you want but do not have a design we can design it for you.

We will start by discussing the type and style of suit you are looking for which may be based on your logo or product or a specific event.

We can provide you with gallery pages of several different characters, which may be in the same style and discuss the elements that appeal to you.

We can also discuss the budget you are working to since this will influence the design and complexity of the suit.

Once this has been approved we can then provide you with a sketch to review and possibly tweak. We can then provide you with a final full-colour image.

Step Three

Once the design is approved we can produce turn-around illustrations on request to show back, front and sides; discuss branding, colours, accessories and possible extra outfits.

turn around design (profile) turn around design (front) turn around design (back)

how someone will fit inside the costume

Step Four

Now we know exactly what we are making for you we can provide you with a final quote and timescale.

We will then need to know the size of the wearer and any special technical requirements.

Once we have received the signed order we can send fabric samples and images; if it is a complex design we may provide sketches of both how someone will fit inside and possibly technical sketches of how the costume will be made to be the most practical for you.

(Just because it looks like a full fur suit wearing a sports outfit, it doesn’t mean that that is the best way to make it!).

costume components

Step Five

We can send work-in-progress photos and mock-ups of scale and features, but depending on how long it takes to approve this can make the process take far longer than usual. We always send a final photo of the costume before we dispatch it.

If you are a new customer we will require payment before we send the costume to you. Once you are an established customer we can offer customer credit terms.

Peace of Mind

You get to see the costume before you pay for it, so if any minor changes are required this can be done before it leaves us.

We offer a no quibble guarantee on all bespoke costumes. We want you to be delighted with your character, and we offer cleaning, repairs, rebranding, extra outfits and after sales service second to none.

Many of our characters are still returning for their Spa treatment even 16 years after they were first made.


Costumes with Character specialise in, and have a proven track record of the supply and maintenance of multiple identical high quality practical costumes for the leisure and tourism industry.

We are known throughout the industry for our attention to detail, always delivering products and services exceeding expectation, our total reliability, and speed of response, quality of service, customer friendly ethos and exceptional value for money.

This is demonstrated by our very high customer retention rate, even customers who venture elsewhere for lower costs or other offers have returned within a year or so with a better understanding of the value of quality and reliability that Costumes with Character provide.

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